Friday, July 18, 2014

DIY Acid Wash

I'm really excited to share this post with you, simply because IT WORKED. A couple months back I bought some jeans from Primark, washed them and they came out looking like someone had poured bleach all over them! As you can imagine I wasn't too happy, but it gave me the chance to try out Acid Washing - and I now love them! So I thought I would share with you guys how you can also Acid Wash your jeans too!

What You'll Need:
  1. A pair of Jeans/Shorts (whatever you are going to use!) 
  2. Bleach
  3. Spray Bottle
  4. Water
As you can see my jeans are all patchy and look like I have already attempted, really badly, to acid wash them. But thats what you get for washing Primark jeans apparently.  I would recommend you doing this outside and on a hot day as it makes it a lot easier to see where the bleach has developed as it dries.

Step #1 - Mix the bleach and water together in the spray bottle. I found about 2 parts bleach 1 part water worked best for my light coloured jeans.
Step #2 - Lay your jeans out and start to spray and dribble the mixture over your jeans until they start to give you the desired effect. If you pull the trigger on the bottle slowly, you will find it dribbles out in splotches giving you the more speckled effect (that I was going for)!
Step #3 - Repeat on the back of your jeans. Then go back and concentrate the bleach more heavily on the pockets, flies, and seams!
Step #4 - Once you are happy with the result, either hand wash^^ or put in the washing machine ALONE, to rinse all the excess bleach out. I then also used fabric softener after I had rinsed them so they wouldn't go crunchy - no body wants that!
Step #5 - Hang out to dry and your are done!

As you can see it is so easy to do and I love the way they turned out; as it means I can actually wear my jeans out again! Have you tried acid washing before? I would love to know if anyone has any more tips!
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  1. Amazing!!! I love tie dying but have never thought about acid wash! Impressive!

    Peach Pow XO

  2. This looks so cool, just like the jeans you see in top shop! And you bum looks amaze in them too!! Found your blog through twitter at the #bbloggers chat. I've followed on Bloglovin! Olivia x