Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Surviving Summer

There isn't much better than sitting back in the garden in your bikini and being utterly thrilled that the Sun has decided to show its face this year! But for the poor souls that have been cursed with Hay Fever, it can be a complete bitch.

If you didn't know, Hay Fever is a seasonal allergy to pollen. This can be tree pollen (early spring), grass pollen (end of spring/beginning of summer) or weed pollen (anytime from early spring to late autumn. I have a weed pollen allergy and is something that has got progressively worse in the past couple years. I'm talking red raw puffy eyes, dried out throat (no matter how hydrated I am), a wheezy cough, and constant itchy nose. It gets pretty bad to the point I didn't use to go outside in the Summer because it was just painful and way to much of a bother. But being older and wiser, I have finally found ways to relieve my inflamed sinuses so that I can go out and enjoy the sun! So I thought I'd share with you what I use to survive the Summer months.
1. Anti Histamine  2. Eye Drops  3. Nasal Spray  4. Big Sunglasses  5. Vaseline 

In the summer these are my life savers whilst out and about. I take a once a day Anti-Histamine every morning, as well as putting in Eye Drops before starting my makeup. The nasal spray really helps sooth your nose/throat, its not the most pleasant thing but it works! BIG dark lensed sunglasses, they really do help. This makes it a lot harder for the pollen to enter your eyes by providing a barrier and if they are already itchy it helps you not put your hands to your eyes. Not only will vaseline stop your lips getting chapped but if you place a small amount around your nose it will catch the pollen before you inhale it!I always put all of this in my bag when I go out too, as you never know when its going to hit you.

Last Resorts;
  1. When all else fails with my eyes, I find putting a wet flannel in the freezer for a bit then lying down and placing it over my eyes. This helps relieve the itching and cools down the area.
  2. For an itchy throat I find that sucking a sweet or chewing gum really helps as it stimulates you to make saliva which rehydrates your throat. 
  3. Sleep. When I have tried EVERYTHING I just go up stairs, close my windows, draw the curtains and go to sleep. This just lets your body recharge and repair itself, it really is beauty sleep. 

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