Wednesday, April 30, 2014

10 Lessons I Learned From Mean Girls

...and as the whole blogosphere is raving on about it, I thought I may as well too. I loved this movie when I was younger still do and was it always a must to have at a sleepover, along with face masks, sweets, the works! But now lets see what Mean Girls actually taught us underneath all the slogan tank tops and white mini skirts!
#1 On Wednesdays we wear pink!
The most important rule of all, as pink pretty much personifies the 'Plastics'. This rule is perfect for spring right now with all the pink pastels making a come back! Or even just for a pop of colour on your lips with your favourite pink lipstick. Just maybe not as literally as the Plastics rocked the pink look, but it is nice to feel feminine at least one day a week!
#2 You can only wear jeans or sweatpants on Fridays
Ok, so we are all guilty of just lounging around the house in sweatpants all week on our days off and not doing anything. But I guess if you got up and glammed up everyday you'd be more inclinded to go out and do things? Mmm, imagine how good casual fridays would feel at the end of the week...  
#3 You can only wear your hair in a ponytail once a week
We all know that wearing your locks up all the time can cause bad breakage to your hair and no one, especially the plastics, wants anything suddenly happening to there long hair! Just make sure you look after it and maybe experiment with cute braided up-do's instead of the same standard ponytail! 
#4 Your friends have veto - sorta.
It is always important to get someone else's opinion in any aspects of life that you are unsure of - not just clothes wise! But what you may think looks great, your fashion forward bestie may be able to save you from a huge faux-pas. 
#5 Thats why her hair is so big - its full of secrets 
The secret to Gretchen Wieners voluminous hair, knowledge apparently! I guess that explains Hermione's bushy hair then? Better hit the books, or invest in some really good hairspray! 
#6 Nobody owns a look.
Nobody can tell you what or what not to wear! Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Like wise no one can tell you can't wear something because they 'had it first'... 
#7 Geek chic is always cute. 
You can never go wrong with jeans and a big varsity hoodie or jacket. The perfect casual day outfit, but maybe not what I would have worn to the Spring Fling?
#8 Old ain't always vintage.
Personally I'm not the type of person that can truely apprieciate a vintage shop. I think they are cool and all, but I don't have time to sift around through peoples old clothes and maybe not even find anything or for nothing to fit. So just make sure your finding a gem rather than junk!
#9 Don't force a trend.
If it didn't work for Gretchen, it probably won't work for you. Soz.
#10 never squeeze into a size.
If the size of your clothes bothers you that much then just cut out the label! But squeezing into something far to small is going to make your body look worse, not better.

Don't follow these rules?

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