Saturday, February 15, 2014

REVIEW | Pearly's Weekly Teeth-Brighten Powder*

A couple weeks ago I received a parcel containing Pearly's Weekly Teeth-Brighten Powder*. I had heard good things about Pearly's home whitening products and their popularity with some stars like Pixie Lott, JLS and from TOWIE. So I was really excited to try out and get one step closer to that hollywood smile we all aim for!
What Pearly's Say:
Step One – Pearlys Weekly Teeth-Brighten Powder £12.50
'Pearly's are really excited to introduce their fantastic new range of at-home whitening and maintenance products. Their product range is designed especially to be used at home to freshen, whiten and brighten, and it's the perfect way to help maintain your Pearlys smile if you've had a treatment, or to take your first steps towards a brighter smile!
Use once or twice a week instead of your regular toothpaste. Remove external staining leaving teeth feeling (and looking) shiny and bright. 
Contains sodium bicarbonate & green tea to polish and freshen.'
my teeth have never been whiter or felt as clean as they do after I used this powder.
A bit about my teeth: My teeth have never not been white, I've never had braces, don't drink tea or coffee, they have never been stained, I have always used a 'whitening tooth paste'. 
This product this the bomb. 

I have never used a teeth whitening powder before, but I expected it to taste pretty nasty and it doesn't. It is so easy to use; you dip your tooth brush in the powder in the place of your normal toothpaste once or twice a week and brush for 4 minutes, et volia sparkly white teeth. The ultimate test is when I got my boyfriend to use it, as he drinks a lot of tea and ultimate ended up with tea stains on his front nashers, and they vanished!

I am so impressed with this whitening powder and would love to try out the corresponding products to see how white you can make your teeth all in the comfort of your own home and without selling your left arm. 

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  1. Good review. Does this product contain hydrogen peroxide? I use Stella White strips because I know they don’t put any hydrogen peroxide in it, and I’ve always gotten amazing results after the treatment!