Monday, February 17, 2014


Okay so I have another 11 days to go, but whose counting right? 
Since my birthday is fast approaching, I thought this year I would give my family and boyfriend at least a 10 day heads up on a few things I would like for the occasion. Normally I am the hardest person to buy for and I never know what I want so here is for anyone wondering what to get me OR who just fancies a nose. PS I know I may have gone slightly overboard but who doesn't when they're internet browsing!  

So I thought I would start off with a few more on the ridiculously expensive/telectronic side, I would be absolutely thrilled to even get one of these!
1. iPad mini//£249 - I am constantly in-between houses and it does make blogging pretty tricky, as I don't even have a laptop at the moment! So this would be perfect to put in my bag and even blog on the train!
2. Olivia Burton Midi Dial Watch//£85 - I have come to accept that I won't be getting a Michael Kors watch anytime soon, but I would like to have a nice watch that I can wear on all occasions. This Olivia Burton one is so simple and not to bulky, with a big face - I love it!
3. Canon EOS 600D Camera with 18-55 + 75-300mm lenses//£489.99 - one of the more unlikely items on my wish list, but that is what this is a WISH LIST and I wish I could have this. I have wanted a DSLR camera forEVER, in particular this one. I can dream ...
4. Philips CitiScape Shibuya Headphones//£24.56 - I know absolutely jack shit about headphones but I tried these on in John Lewis and the quality is amazing! Not only are they half the price in Tesco but they come in white, black, blue, pink and purple. I love the white and purple ones, will defiantly be hoping for these!
5. Fujifilm Instax Mini8//£89 - Another camera... I love cameras and we used to have a Polaroid at home. I love that the film prints instantly and have so many memories of taking pictures on it of my little sister as a baby ect. So when I saw everyone getting these around Christmas I made a mental note to get one some way or another. The fact they come in pastel colours too - double brownie points to fujifilm.
When it came to making a 'beauty' wish list I was a little stumped because I am pretty happy with my makeup collection at the moment and got a lot of beauty bits for Christmas! But these are a few that I wouldn't mind seeing... 
6. MAC Fix +//£14 - I have been looking for a setting spray for ages, and everyone rants and raves about Fix +! So why not give it a try ey. 
7. The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser - same goes for a primer, I was tempted to put down Porefessional but honestly I have never tried a 'pore minimising' primer so this seems like a great starter. I have also read great reviews on this and I love the smell of tea tree! 
8/9. MAC 217 Brush & MAC 219 Brush - I am yet to own a MAC makeup brush (no surprise considering the price jeeeze). Either one of these would be amazing as I really need another blending brush 217 and have been looking around for a good pencil brush 219. 
This birthday I really want for it to be more clothes based than makeup - as it always seems to be, I'm obsessed. I feel New Look has some great basics to boost my wardrobe a little and River Island bags - need I say more?
10. New Look Navy Denim Skinny Jeans//£19.99 - I have no jeans - that a lie I have at least 5 pairs, but no dark ones! I love New Look jeans, they just fit me so much better than anywhere else. 
11. New Look Black Chunky Slip-on Plimpsolls//£11.99 - I just think these are cool and look really comfy, especially for work! I love plimpsolls/trainers and these don't even break the bank!
12. River Island Black Slouch Bag//£25 - This is my perfect every day bag. I have a brown day bag but I need a new black one. Not too big and its so pretty!
13. New Look Black and Grey Leather-Look Sleeve T-shirt//12.99 I need more t-shirts. My wardrobe seems to have decreased in its siz by about 50% and I have like 5 of each item. I love this dark grey/leather sleeve mix - god I am so boring and monochrome!
14. New Look Mint Green Iridescent Chunky Chain Necklace//£9.99 - I thought this was the perfect mix of pastels and chain! I love the iridescent shine it has and would look so nice with all my black and white outfits!
15. New Look V Neck Longline Cami//£9.99 - I really love cami tops as they are so flattering and easy to dress up or down. 

I do want to stress this is a wish list and obviously I am not expecting to receive every item on here. However, it is fun to make a list without budgets and just put it out there (or you will never get it haha). Oh and if you are reading mum? I have run out of my Diesel Loverdose Perfume - which is my favourite perfume ever. 
Is there anything on here that you have been wanting? 


  1. I'd love one of those Canon cameras! I hope you're lucky enough to get one for your birthday! :D

    1. who wouldn't they are amazing, but I think they may be a bit to pricey for a present. But I will have one by the end of the year - my mission! x

  2. I really want the Canon 600d...but it's so expensive :-( waaaa :-(

    Sharlotte //

  3. I seriously want that Canon camera aswell <3

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