Monday, February 17, 2014


Okay so I have another 11 days to go, but whose counting right? 
Since my birthday is fast approaching, I thought this year I would give my family and boyfriend at least a 10 day heads up on a few things I would like for the occasion. Normally I am the hardest person to buy for and I never know what I want so here is for anyone wondering what to get me OR who just fancies a nose. PS I know I may have gone slightly overboard but who doesn't when they're internet browsing!  

So I thought I would start off with a few more on the ridiculously expensive/telectronic side, I would be absolutely thrilled to even get one of these!
1. iPad mini//£249 - I am constantly in-between houses and it does make blogging pretty tricky, as I don't even have a laptop at the moment! So this would be perfect to put in my bag and even blog on the train!
2. Olivia Burton Midi Dial Watch//£85 - I have come to accept that I won't be getting a Michael Kors watch anytime soon, but I would like to have a nice watch that I can wear on all occasions. This Olivia Burton one is so simple and not to bulky, with a big face - I love it!
3. Canon EOS 600D Camera with 18-55 + 75-300mm lenses//£489.99 - one of the more unlikely items on my wish list, but that is what this is a WISH LIST and I wish I could have this. I have wanted a DSLR camera forEVER, in particular this one. I can dream ...
4. Philips CitiScape Shibuya Headphones//£24.56 - I know absolutely jack shit about headphones but I tried these on in John Lewis and the quality is amazing! Not only are they half the price in Tesco but they come in white, black, blue, pink and purple. I love the white and purple ones, will defiantly be hoping for these!
5. Fujifilm Instax Mini8//£89 - Another camera... I love cameras and we used to have a Polaroid at home. I love that the film prints instantly and have so many memories of taking pictures on it of my little sister as a baby ect. So when I saw everyone getting these around Christmas I made a mental note to get one some way or another. The fact they come in pastel colours too - double brownie points to fujifilm.
When it came to making a 'beauty' wish list I was a little stumped because I am pretty happy with my makeup collection at the moment and got a lot of beauty bits for Christmas! But these are a few that I wouldn't mind seeing... 
6. MAC Fix +//£14 - I have been looking for a setting spray for ages, and everyone rants and raves about Fix +! So why not give it a try ey. 
7. The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser - same goes for a primer, I was tempted to put down Porefessional but honestly I have never tried a 'pore minimising' primer so this seems like a great starter. I have also read great reviews on this and I love the smell of tea tree! 
8/9. MAC 217 Brush & MAC 219 Brush - I am yet to own a MAC makeup brush (no surprise considering the price jeeeze). Either one of these would be amazing as I really need another blending brush 217 and have been looking around for a good pencil brush 219. 
This birthday I really want for it to be more clothes based than makeup - as it always seems to be, I'm obsessed. I feel New Look has some great basics to boost my wardrobe a little and River Island bags - need I say more?
10. New Look Navy Denim Skinny Jeans//£19.99 - I have no jeans - that a lie I have at least 5 pairs, but no dark ones! I love New Look jeans, they just fit me so much better than anywhere else. 
11. New Look Black Chunky Slip-on Plimpsolls//£11.99 - I just think these are cool and look really comfy, especially for work! I love plimpsolls/trainers and these don't even break the bank!
12. River Island Black Slouch Bag//£25 - This is my perfect every day bag. I have a brown day bag but I need a new black one. Not too big and its so pretty!
13. New Look Black and Grey Leather-Look Sleeve T-shirt//12.99 I need more t-shirts. My wardrobe seems to have decreased in its siz by about 50% and I have like 5 of each item. I love this dark grey/leather sleeve mix - god I am so boring and monochrome!
14. New Look Mint Green Iridescent Chunky Chain Necklace//£9.99 - I thought this was the perfect mix of pastels and chain! I love the iridescent shine it has and would look so nice with all my black and white outfits!
15. New Look V Neck Longline Cami//£9.99 - I really love cami tops as they are so flattering and easy to dress up or down. 

I do want to stress this is a wish list and obviously I am not expecting to receive every item on here. However, it is fun to make a list without budgets and just put it out there (or you will never get it haha). Oh and if you are reading mum? I have run out of my Diesel Loverdose Perfume - which is my favourite perfume ever. 
Is there anything on here that you have been wanting? 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

REVIEW | Pearly's Weekly Teeth-Brighten Powder*

A couple weeks ago I received a parcel containing Pearly's Weekly Teeth-Brighten Powder*. I had heard good things about Pearly's home whitening products and their popularity with some stars like Pixie Lott, JLS and from TOWIE. So I was really excited to try out and get one step closer to that hollywood smile we all aim for!
What Pearly's Say:
Step One – Pearlys Weekly Teeth-Brighten Powder £12.50
'Pearly's are really excited to introduce their fantastic new range of at-home whitening and maintenance products. Their product range is designed especially to be used at home to freshen, whiten and brighten, and it's the perfect way to help maintain your Pearlys smile if you've had a treatment, or to take your first steps towards a brighter smile!
Use once or twice a week instead of your regular toothpaste. Remove external staining leaving teeth feeling (and looking) shiny and bright. 
Contains sodium bicarbonate & green tea to polish and freshen.'
my teeth have never been whiter or felt as clean as they do after I used this powder.
A bit about my teeth: My teeth have never not been white, I've never had braces, don't drink tea or coffee, they have never been stained, I have always used a 'whitening tooth paste'. 
This product this the bomb. 

I have never used a teeth whitening powder before, but I expected it to taste pretty nasty and it doesn't. It is so easy to use; you dip your tooth brush in the powder in the place of your normal toothpaste once or twice a week and brush for 4 minutes, et volia sparkly white teeth. The ultimate test is when I got my boyfriend to use it, as he drinks a lot of tea and ultimate ended up with tea stains on his front nashers, and they vanished!

I am so impressed with this whitening powder and would love to try out the corresponding products to see how white you can make your teeth all in the comfort of your own home and without selling your left arm. 

Sunday, February 09, 2014

REVIEW | Melvita Beauty Oils*

'Melvita’s new organic oils are full of essential fatty acids to improve the skin’s moisture barrier leaving skin feeling nourished and hydrated. Ethically sourced from around the world, these natural beauty oils are used to improve the skin’s condition leaving it revitalised and soft. Massage into skin in place of night cream, use for massage, or as a body or hair oil to recondition and nourish.'
As you may have judged by the title of today's post, I am going to be talking to you about beauty oils. Oil is something I have always that I have steered clear of. I have normal/combination skin and the thought of adding more oil to my face just never appealed to me. But this year I'm hitting the big 20 and after reading countless blog posts on how great oils are for you, have decided I should start getting my skin in check. Coincidently a month a go I got a package through the door containing 3 of the new Melvita Beauty Oils* for me to try before they launched in January'14 - lucky me! 

Rosehip Seed Oil* (£23.00, 50ml) Face
'Boosts skin cell regeneration to improve the skin’s texture and helps reduce the appearance and depth of wrinkles by improving skin elasticity.'
I have been using this a couple times a week in the evening instead of my normal moisturiser, as I find it does make my skin quite oily obviously sophy. But when applied before bed it skins in over night, leaving you with super soft skin the next day.
Jojoba Oil* (£17.00, 50ml) Face, Hair & Body
'Intensely repairs and softens skin. Similar in composition to human sebum, it is particularly effective for dry or dehydrated skin and hair.'
I have used this, like it says, on my face hair and body. Having combination skin I do get a little dry on my nose or on my cheeks and this seems to moisturise like nothing else. Again I like to apply this at night so it has time to really sink in, I do the same if I get dry skin on my body (hands/knees/ect). As for my hair, I have popped this on the ends whilst in the house or whatever then rinsed it off - I find it really hydrates my dry ends!
Argan Oil with Geranium Roll-On* (£11.50, 10ml)
'Softening Geranium mixed with nourishing Argan Oil works to effectively moisturise nails and cuticles as well as dry skin.'
This is the one that I find the most handy, as you can chuck it in your bag and use it on the go. I get really dry skin around my cuticles which, lets face it, isn't the most attractive thing with your manicured nails. I have been using this for about a month and it has honestly made the worlds difference to my cuticles, they are no where near as dry as they used to be and are looking a lot prettier.

What I am most impressed with about these beauty oils is how light they feel on the skin and how quickly they sink in. The only oils I have ever experienced is massage oils and they feel quite heavy, so I was pleasantly surprised.
What are you favourite beauty oils?