Monday, January 13, 2014

Disney Villain Perfume Bottles

How gorgeous are these?!
Thats right you read the title correctly, but not only are they disney perfume bottles; they are disney villain perfume bottles! Who has created these beautiful bottles you ask? A Japanese artist, Ruby Sparks, who first put up her designs on Pixiv which then spread like wild fire all over the web! However, they are as evil as their characters as they aren't available for sale, but if disney have any sense they will get in contact with her and put these into production like last week.
As you can see from the pictures/slideshow above, Ruby has created 19 beautifully stylised bottles for both the disney ladies and gentleman of the 'Dark Kingdom'. They all resemble each villain impeccably and I seriously hope the wheels are in motion to get these ready for sale - come on disney!
You can follow Ruby here on twitter, and if she has missed out you favourite villain why not give her a tweet and send a request!
What do you think of these bottles? Love them or loathe them?