Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Vichy Idealia Life Serum*

I am a bit of a novice when it comes to all things skin care related, but I really have been trying to make an effort to look after my skin lately. One thing I constantly find myself reaching for is the Vichy Idealia Life Serum*! I never thought I would find myself using a serum on an everyday basis, as to me they sort of just sounded like a ploy to make more money. However, I have been completely proved wrong by this little beauty. 

Serums are so much lighter than your standard moisturiser, they sink a lot deeper and quicker into your skin and therefore have a lot more benefits. However they do come with a hefty price tag but last so much longer. I have used this pretty much everyday (when I feel I need that extra oomph) since I got this around 2/3 months and I still have a lot left in the bottom of the bottle. And at £29.50 I should think so too. 

This serum is amazing if you have had one to many nights out as it has been clinically proven to improve the look of skin that has been exposed to daily excess such as overstressed skin, pollution, uv overexposed and unbalanced diet. This is due to the red and gold reflective pigments in the serum which make your skin look glowing and healthy.  It is also suitable for sensitive skin - a major plus for me - as normal strong products irritate my skin. Not only is it good for sensitive skin, it actually smells amazing. Something you don't find with many products and it can make your skincare routine a little boring and clinical feeling. But not with this!
As you can see from the swatch it looks a lot like a cream but is really more of a light gel, with a pretty pink pearlescent colouring which you can see even more when you start to rub it in. This then evens out to a subtle but apparently glow to your skin, a bit like MAC Strobe Cream but much less intense and light. I always think my foundation looks so much nicer and me a lot healthy after I have been using this.  I am so impressed with this product and I think I will have to buy myself another bottle when this runs out!
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Monday, December 09, 2013

Christmas Gift Guide For Him

It is that time of year where we get to buy presents for our loved ones and rush around like headless chickens trying to pick them out. By gifts for guys is really hard, I mean birthdays are hard enough right? So here is a little list of things that I bought my boyfriend for his birthday two weeks ago and a couple extras, maybe you're boyfriend/brother/dad will like them too?

Ted Baker Wallet// £50 My boyfriend was unfortunate enough I was lucky enough for Chris to lose his wallet the week before his birthday. So I thought I would grab the opportunity to get him a nice leather wallet that he hopefully wont lose this time. This one is really similar to the wallet I got Chris (I didn't want to put up his or he would see the price) except his was black and a different texture of leather and he loves his!
FIFA 14 Limited Edition Xbox 360 Controller// £24.99 If your boyfriend, like mine, spends the majority of his life on his xbox this is the present for him. Its a different controller that is really light and just damn right pretty cool. Oh and the little detail that it is a FIFA so most boys will be forever thankful over it.
The Dark Night Trilogy Boxset// £18 OR Breaking Bad Complete Boxset// £52.99 Chris and I are obsessed with comic book movies and The Dark Knight Trilogy is arguable the best, or if he's not into that kind of thing The Breaking Bad boxset is such good value for all 5 seasons. And what boy didn't love that series?
Vo5 Extreme Style Washbag// £12 Their favourite hair gel. There are so many mens hair gel kits that include the hair gel and matching shampoo's ect and they are normally super good value. I think this is perfect for a stocking filler and isn't something that is on most guys shopping list.
SMS Audio DJ Pauly D STREET Full Size Headphones// £199.95 Okay, so this is the big one. Chris has been wanting some full size headphones for a while now, and to be honest so have I. I think it is so worth investing in a good pair of headphones because of the sheer quality of them.
Disaronno Mug Set// £10 Again another stocking filler type present. BHS always have amazing alcoholic gift sets. This mug set is perfect for Christmas or there are plenty of set with alcohol and there matching glasses. (please only buy alcohol if you are over 18, don't want to get you in any trouble!)
Disposable Camera// £8.50 This is a more personal present. I gave Chris a disposable camera and photo album to take pictures of his birthday weekend with. I think it will be nice to not have the instant photos we are so accustomed to now-a-days. Then they can get the pictures printed and have a hardcopy that you can stick on the wall instead of on Instagram!
Vans Waffle Iphone 5 Case by Belkin// £18 A good phone case can be pretty expensive, so why not treat him to one this Christmas? This Vans phone case is slip proof (so I've heard) and it is made by Belkin so its not just a 'fashion phone case'.
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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

100 Followers MAC Giveaway [CLOSED]

Thats right, you read the blog title right, my little 7month old blog reached a whopping 100 followers (I think I'll be hitting 18,000 today too!)! I cannot tell you how excited was when a Bloglovin' email congratulated me on reaching the big

Although blogging is still relatively new in my life it has changed it in a exciting way. I have got to attend some amazing events, go to meet ups and met some absolutely lovely people. What has surprised me most is how lovely the blogging community as a whole really is. If you had said to me 7 months ago that 100 people will be following a blog that you write, who are genuinely interested in what you have to say, I would have laughed in your face. So THANK YOU, every single on of you, for taking the time to sit and read my ramblings.

As soon as I hit 100 followers I knew I wanted to do a little giveaway to say thank you. I've sat and wondered what I should give away and finally ended up with this.
I have been wanting a couple MAC eyeshadows for a while now and I will hopefully be getting some MAC vouchers or something for Christmas, so why not treat you too ey? What is even better is that you will be able to pick exactly what eyeshadow (no limited editions) you would like, so you can tick one off your wishlist.

  • You can enter through the Rafflecopter widget down below, please be honest because I will be checking every entry. 
  • No limited edition shades
  • Make sure you leave your email down in the comments so I can contact you if you win.
  • The winner will be contacted 48 hours after they have been randomly selected.
  • The giveaway will run from 3/12/13 21:00 - 4/01/14 00:00 (2014 how scary exciting).
a Rafflecopter giveaway


I am also doing fatmumslim's december photo a day challenge on my Instagram, so go check it out to see what I put up each day!