Thursday, June 20, 2013

REVIEW | St.Moriz Dark Self Tanning Mousse


Seriously, forget all those costly expensive self tanners. Because you can buy this beauty for £3, the only other tan I have gotten like this from a bottle is a spray tan after fishing out £25.

I am a huge fan of fake tan as when I am not tanned I am ghostly, however once I get some sun on me I do go very dark. Unfortunately in England the sun only comes out for a month or two so I am left being my pale old self for most of the year! This is why I use st.moriz, it gives you a gorgeous colour that looks super natural. Doesn't streak, and lasts at least 3/4 days with you noticing its starting to get a bit patchy - then I either just have a good scrub in the shower and take it all off OR exfoliate lightly and put on another coat!

I love St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse in Dark, its only £3 and I have found it cheapest in wilkinsons - click here. They also sell the matching mitt, also for £3, plus the whole St.Moriz range. The bottle contains 200ml of liquid and for £3 I think that is a bargain. Some of you might be thinking 'I'm so pale, dark will be far to dark on me!' but honestly when I use this I am practically transparant and the Dark leaves a lovely sun-kissed, natural looking, deep tan.

How I Fake Tan... 

1. Shower and exfoliate your skin. I just use a body buff or exfoliating gloves (whichever is in my shower at the time). But don't leave your skin red raw it will just irritate the skin and make it uncomfortable putting the fake tan on!

2. Obviously dry yourself when getting out the shower, but I like pat myself dry to keep as much moisture in my skin as possible. I then moisturise my skin with a thick cream that will deeply moisturise everywhere, even those nasty dry bits. I use Nivea Creme, as I have sensitive skin and I have always used this when my skin is dry and I just like it.

3. I leave that to sink in for about 5 minutes, then start to apply my fake tan. I always find a mousse so much easier to apply and you don't need as much of it. I use the St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse in Dark. I take my mitt (I always put a rubber glove on under my mitt to limit the amount of product on your palms!) and put one full pump of the product on my mitt and just rub it in in circular motions all over my body. I find that two pumps will do one leg and one pump will do an arm so you really aren't using that much product at all because of the mousse formula. You do have to work fast as once you have put the product on the skin it sticks pretty quick.

4. After I have applied this all over my body, I double check to make sure I haven't missed anywhere. And go over any parts if I have. It then has to dry. Now, this is the one down side of this tan. It takes ages to dry completely. But you can put your clothes on pretty quick as it sticks to wear it is placed and doesn't budge, but you may feel a little sticky like with most fake tans. This is why its best to do it before you go to bed, as it will just dry as you sleep then - no fuss.

5. Showering it off. Not much actually comes off in the shower, but you just need to rub your body with your hand to make sure the excess product comes off. Just make sure you use an old towel or a dark towel, nobody wants brown stains on their towels!

6. To finish, you don't have to do this, but I take my Garnier Summerbody Moisturising Lotion - see my review here. Then apply this over the fake tan, just for some extra colour and moisture!

Tan Chart: 

top left: My normal, ghostly legs! 
top right: Once the tan is applied, as you can see it give them instant colour. 
bottom left: Just woken up, natural lighting, you can see they're nice and brown.
bottom right: After the shower, as you can see they still have that nice golden colour. 

If I was going out I would generally start 2 nights before and apply two coats just so that I look really brown and brown in pictures with the flash on! But that is just personal preference. 

So what do I like about St. Moriz?
  • The Colour.
    • I think the colour that this tan gives you is great. It is so natural looking and gives you a lovely glow without making you look like an orange - never a good look.
  • The Mousse Itself.
    • It is really light and fluffy. Feels nice on the skin, it also has little gold flecks in it so it looks shimmery. But don't worry you won't look like a vampire from twilight in the end! 
  • The Price
    • Three pounds. Totally wins in my books, even if I am on a budget I can look tanned all year around!
  • The Bottle
    • Both the packaging and how much you get. 200ml for £3 is a lot of product and at such great quality you can't do wrong. I also think the packaging is clean and simple, the fact that it is white is a plus so you can see if there is any tan on the bottle before you put your hand on it!
  • The Smell
    • It hasn't got like a great smell, but there is no sign of that awful biscuity nasty fake tan smell which is a huge plus!

What didn't I like about St.Moriz?

  • I actually don't have anything I dislike about this product. Maybe the fact that it goes a bit sticky before it dries completely - and that does last for a while. 
I LOVE this product and think that I will always be using this as my fake tan. As long as I can get the great results for that low a price, I will never spend over that on a fake tan again! Unless someone pays for me to get a spray tan done, I should be so lucky! 


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    1. Aw thank you, I'll add it too my other Liebster Award post!

  2. I agree!

    It's the best budget fake tan! I love it!


    1. Great isn't it! Never lets me down :)