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Pop Art Inspired Makeup

As you are probably aware from my post last week, I went to the Roy Lichtenstein exhibition (read my post on it here) last Sunday and boy was I inspired to research and create a makeup look to go along with it!

Whilst researching, I came across the March 2013 Vogue Spread, which was actually inspired by Roy Lichtenstein! What a coincidence ey? Here are the pictures from the spread, that I used to inspire me.
  • Playing with colours 
"Pop goes our hearts! In the March 2013 issue of Vogue Japan Beauty, Makeup Artist Andrew Gallimore pays homage to the legendary Roy Lichtenstein in a Pop Art-inspired spread featuring bold hues, signature halftone effects, along with stenciled makeup and whimsical props."
After days and days of messing around with makeup and hair and everything, I finally decided to do this look on my younger sister, Lauren, as it was much easier to do whilst looking at it - without one eye closed! I decided on two looks, the first very pop arty with aspects of many of the pictures and the second more wearable with dramatic eyes and 60's hair.

For both looks I started with the same base:
  • MUA Primer.
  • Maybelline FitMe foundation in 115, [applied with a stippling brush].
  • Maybelline FitMe powder in 125 (we have the same complexion) [applied with a powder brush].
  • MUA Bronzed perfection for contouring the cheekbones, side of the nose, jaw line and temples [applied with angled brush].
  • MUA blusher in marshmallow [applied with blush brush].

I started off this look by brushing up Lauren's hair into a high ponytail and hair spraying all the fly-a-way hairs back into place.

I then took my MUA glitter eyeliner in Shade 5 and drew in the crease and winged it out near the the end of her eyebrow. Also lined under her eye the outer corner and also winged that out and up. Along the bottom lash line, I then drew three lines down from her lash line to create 'false lashes' to look more pop-arty. After allowing that to dry, I placed a matte white eye shadow all over the lid and in between the two wings to define them and my MUA highlighter in the inner corners, on the brow bone and cheek bone. To finish off the eye, I lined the top water line with black eyeliner and added mascara.

To create this face of pop art style dots, I simply took a dusky coral highly pigmented eye shadow and worked it from the temple all the way down to her chin. I then blended this, so there would be no harsh edges. For the dots I then took my MUA intense colour eye liner in snow white and drew spots in columns all the way down her face. To remove the harshness of this, I then took the same brush I used to blend the face and brushed it across the dots. This also helped to keep them in place. 

Finally, I took a deep redish/pink lipstick, to contrast with the blue of the eyeliner, and applied it. 
And here is the finished look! 

Obviously the eyes are the main point of this look, as it is a lot more understated - than the last anyway! I first applied my eye primer, to ensure the colours would be at there best, all the way up to the eyebrow. After this I took my brightest pink eye shadow and patted onto the eyelid, all the way up to the crease, and blended the edges. Once I had the shape I needed, I then applied a bright purple from the crease line all the way up to the brow. On top of the purple I used my white eyeliner to create the look of false white lashes! To finish off the shadow, I took a super bright turquoise blue and placed it under the bottom lash line an joined it to the edge of the purple shadow. Inside the bottom water line, I took that same white eyeliner and ran along the whole of it to make her eyes look bigger. As with all that heavy eye shadow I didn't want to make her eyes look small and peaky. To finish this I added some mascara and the eyes are complete!

For the lips I just used my Barry M lipstick in 54, which is a bright orange.

I wanted to go for a sixties hair style, as that was the time of Pop Art and such. I started by splitting the hair into two hairs - lower and upper. I then back combed the upper half at the roots but leaving the fringe out. After this I twisted all the upper hair together at the back and pushed it up, to create the volume at the back, and clipped it. Then taking my curling want I loosely curled all the end of the hair and secured the fringe in place!
And VOLIA, complete!  

I hope you enjoyed reading/looking at this post, as I had so much fun creating it! 
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