Saturday, May 18, 2013

REVIEW | Maybelline FitMe Range

The other day I treated myself to Maybelline FitMe range. As I am not a great wearer of foundation on a daily bases I wanted a product that would have a light to medium coverage, as well as evening out my skin tone for when I went on nights out. And as Superdrug had as a BIG 3 for 2 sale on all cosmetics, I thought it would be a good time to treat myself for less!
This is Maybelline's first gel based foundation with no waxes or fillers and claims to give you 'coverage that looks and feels 100% you'. It is available in 18 different shades (much better selection than the Superstay 24hr that only has 12 which I have found either to yellow or to pink). It also has SPF 18, which is amazing and something I defiantly look for in a summer foundation. I think it retails, in the UK anyway, at £7.99 which I think is a reasonable price for 30mls of foundation.

Along with the foundation I bought the FitMe concealer (6.8ml) and pressed powder (9g), both at £5.99. The concealer and pressed powder pretty much has the same claims as the foundation, except for the fact they don't contain SPF:
  • no oils, no waxes
  • natural coverage, leaving skin fresh, breathing and natural
  • translucent gel base with lightweight pigments
  • *Non-comedogenic, **dermatologist-tested, ***ophthalmologist-tested, fragrance free
*This basically means that the formula itself is not going to block your pores and therefore may reduce the chance of you getting acne in comparison to other products. However, this normally has not been proven in clinical trials. 

**Is used to give credibility to those who are selling the latest in their skin care invention, which literally means it is safe to use on the skin. 

*** It means that it has been tested by an eye doctor to make sure it is safe to use close to the eye. 

^^^ These explanations are not to belittle anyone, but most people look at them not knowing what they are and think 'oh wow they must be good then' or think they mean something more than they do. So i thought I'd fill you all in on the truth of them!

ANYWAY back to the review, I have read so many love/hate reviews about this product and maybe it is just a marmite product. But I personally love it. I think the packaging it really sleek and professional looking (as you can see in the picture above), except maybe the concealer - but really what more can you ask of it?

What drew me to these products was that they has a little 'matching chart'. It sounds trivial but it was SO helpful. It made me match my foundation to my skin sooo much better than just the normal guess work.
Heres the online version:
you can find this on:
Maybelline New York FitMe Liquid Foundation - 115 Ivory
The application of this product is really smooth and a feels cool like a gel. It also feels super light and does leave your skin looking really fresh. It stays on my skin pretty much all night (as I don't tend to wear foundation in the day), but I do always use a primer underneath. It is super blendable, and you can build up the product. But if you are looking for a full coverage product I wouldn't recommend this for you.
It has a pump! Which I find so much better than pouring it out the bottle, as I always over pour and waste so much product. I find that about a pump and a half does my whole face with ease.

A lot of reviews have claimed it turns oily, in my experience I do see where they are coming from but I don't seem to get the gloopy mess they are talking about. Mine does start to go shiny around my t-zone, but most of my foundations do this as I have an oily t-zone. So having to reapply some powder once or twice doesn't really bother me.

As you can see it leaves a super natural coverage!

Maybelline New York FitMe Concealer - 15

As you would expect the concealer is a bit thicker than the foundation, and again I really love this product. It covers my dark circles (which is a huge problem for me, as I am an insomniac - yay...), so big brownie points from me, as well as all my imperfections. 

It comes with a little sponge wand applicator, which I really like as it is so easy to apply that way. I don't find this product cakey or anything like that, and it is fragrance free (like the claim) it just smells like makeup ... if that makes sense? This also, like the foundation, blends really well and I just really like the product. It is definitely my go to conceal for everyday use. This only comes in 6 shades, two for each skin tone.

Really thick and creamy, perfect for covering those unwanted blemishes!

Maybelline New York FitMe Pressed Powder - 125 Nude Beige

I absolutely LOVE this pressed powder. The only one I have ever loved as much is the Max Factor Creme Puff Powder Compact, which I still love, but I found it to heavy for the day so decided to give that a break. It comes in 18 shades, like the foundation to match each one.

This powder isn't as matting as the Max Factor BUT it gives you a gorgeous cover that matches the rest of the face ranges promises. It feels smooth on the skin and leaves it feeling soft and not caked with product.
I think it is slightly illuminating, as it does help give you that fresh faced, natural finish that I am loving at the moment.

The packaging for this is really cute too, as it has a little mirror underneath the powder. It also comes with a little powder puff/sponge but to be honest its not very nice on the skin and I prefer my kabuki brush.

As you can see on the right, it gives a lovely dewy finish over the foundation!

All in all, I am really impressed with the Maybelline FitMe Range. Especially after reading all those awful reviews! Its nice know its worked, for me anyway, and I haven't wasted my money!

Have you tried the Maybelline FitMe Products? What did you think?


  1. Great to see the range worked so well on you. I have been put of a little by bad reviews of the foundation but I might take a risk. Like you, I don't need to wear foundation and I much prefer a natural finish.


    1. It is my favorite medium coverage foundation that I own at the moment!
      Sophy xo

  2. I bought this too...even good for maturer skins!!

  3. The powder's brilliant isn't it, my friend was looking for new foundation etc. the other day and we had a blast checking all this stuff out!

    1. I LOVE the powder! Me too, I found it so fun matching it all!
      Sophy xo

  4. Ooo that concealer looks pretty good - may have to check it out! I'm a concealer junkie! X

    1. You should for sure, its a great coverage
      Sophy xo

  5. I love your reviews - you're like me you write a lot of detail and I love reading the details of a product. I've been looking at this range for a while, may have to see it in stores!