Friday, May 10, 2013

An Introduction

Hello lovelies, Welcome to my new blog! 
I've been thinking about starting for a while now, as I read beauty blogs daily and thought it might be fun to have one. I thought I would start off this blog by telling you a little bit about myself. My name is Sophy,  I am nineteen years old and live in Hertfordshire, England.
I love makeup, beauty, fashion. I am forever sitting in my room with my makeup creating new looks, which usually ends up with dressing table (and somehow my whole room) in a complete tip! And as I spend my whole life looking at, watching youtube videos about and  trying out make up. What better way to procrastinate then create a blog about what I love!

This blog will mainly, at least for the beginning, be beauty reviews, hauls and tutorials. I don't in anyway think I am an expert in make up, I would just like to share the techniques I have learned and put to good use! I am always open to other peoples opinions and advice if you think you know a better way to do anything! In regards to the hauls/reviews I do believe in being honest about a product. If i don't think product works the way it should I believe that people should have an honest opinion (without sounding rude) before splashing out and being disappointed.  The same way with a product I absolutely love I will rave about FOREVER

Along with the beauty stuff, I will probably be doing some fashion/health/photography (as i start a course in September)  and insight to my life posts. As I am a very obsessive person and I write everything down anyway - so why not let you all have a read and make it useful! 

Hopefully you will enjoy my posts & thanks for reading! 

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